• 1926, the founding of the ICHS(CISH)
  • The 5th Congress,1923,Brussels
  • The 6th Congress,1928, Oslo
  • The 7th Congress,1933,Warsaw
  • The 8th Congress,1938,Zurich
  • The 10th Congress,1955,Rome
  • The 11th Congress,1960,Stockholm
  • The 12th Congress,1965,Vienna
  • The 13th Congress,1970,Moscow
  • The 19th Congress,2000,Oslo,website
  • The 20th Congress,2005, Sydney
  • The 21th Congress,2010,Amsterdam
Time: 2015.8.23-29
Place: Shandong Hotel, Jinan,Shandong
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Ms. Wang Zhaoli
Tel: +86-531-88363197
Email: cish2015@sdu.edu.cn
Exhibition Notice

The International Congress of Historical Sciences started in 1900(ICHS) .Except the interwar years, this quinquennial Congress has been held 21 times so far. Being the most influential academic activity of historical sciences, the ICHS enjoys a reputation of Olympics of Historical Sciences.

From 23rd to 29th August, 2015, the 22nd ICHS will be held in Jinan, China, and it is the first time for the Congress to be held in Asia. The 2015 Congress, hosted by the International Committee of Historical Sciences, is organized by Association of Chinese Historians and Shandong University, the latter especially famous for its scientific research in literature and history.

With the main theme of “History, our past and future”, the Congress includes 4 major themes, 27 specialized themes, 18 joint sessions, 19 round tables and conferences of 17 international affiliated organizations, for a total of over 150 meetings. Up to now more than 1800 people from 79 countries have registered to attend, which breaks the record of the number of countries of participants (75) in the 14th Congress in San Francisco, 1975.  

Under the proposal of several publishing houses (corporations) home and abroad, Jaeger-LeCoultre and the bidders of 23rd Congress, there will be an exhibition of books, world famous watches, as well as national culture shows for 6 days (23rd-28th, August) in the Exhibition Zone on the first floor of the Conference Center, Shandong Hotel during the Congress. We hope that the exhibition will build a tangible platform for international cultural communication.

The Exhibition Zone covers an area of over 1000m2(100m×10m), surrounded by meeting halls for seminars of the Congress. It is rather convenient for participants and other guests to stop by since the Great Hall of Shandong —where the opening ceremony will be held —and the dining area of the Congress are just within walking distance.

We provide standard booth of 3m×2.9m×2.6m for six days. Those who move out earlier cannot get any fee back. As the space is limited, we sincerely welcome you and your organization to seize the opportunity. If you need any assistance, please contact us:

Yang Jiashen  Tel: +86-531-88364617 E-Mail: jsyang@sdu.edu.cn

Wang Zhaoli  Tel: +86-531-88363197 E-Mail: wangzhaoli@sdu.edu.cn


Let’s get together in this golden August, with well-known historians all over the world, to share our past and future, and to experience the hospitality and fascinating culture of Jinan and Shandong!

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The Secretariat of Shandong University Organizing Committee, 22nd ICHS