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  • The 5th Congress,1923,Brussels
  • The 6th Congress,1928, Oslo
  • The 7th Congress,1933,Warsaw
  • The 8th Congress,1938,Zurich
  • The 10th Congress,1955,Rome
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  • The 12th Congress,1965,Vienna
  • The 13th Congress,1970,Moscow
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Time: 2015.8.23-29
Place: Shandong Hotel, Jinan,Shandong
Contact Us:
Ms. Wang Zhaoli
Tel: +86-531-88363197
Email: cish2015@sdu.edu.cn
Important Information of the Congress 2015

Please click here to download Important Information of the Congress 2015


Dear Congress Participants,

Welcome to Jinan for the 22nd International Congress of Historical Sciences (ICHS2015). For the success of the Congress and your comfortable experience of attending, Shandong University Organizing Committee of ICHS2015 is willing to offer wholehearted service for you. Please read all details in the following sections.


1. Transportation

1.1. The Secretariat will provide free shuttle service from Beijing Capital International Airport to Beijing South Railway Station on 22-23 August, 2015. Shuttle transfer of one-hour-a-shift departs from the Beijing International Airport from 5:00 to 21:00 to Beijing South Railway Station. You will be greeted by guides and signs of ICHS2015 at the arrival hall at the airport, and led to board the shuttle bus to Beijing South Railway Station. Please NOTE that you need to show your passport when purchasing the G-Train ticket.


1.2. The Secretariat will provide free shuttle service from Jinan Airport, Jinan Train Station and Jinan West Train Station to the Shandong Hotel at 6:00-24:00 on 21-22 August and 6:00-18:00 on 23 August. At the arrival hall of the airport or the train station, you will be guided by the volunteers to board the shuttle bus to the Shandong Hotel for congress registration.


1.3. If you arrive at a time when the shuttle service is not available, it is easiest to take a taxi to Shandong Hotel. The fare should cost approximately RMB120 yuan (about 40 km) from Jinan Airport to Shandong Hotel; approximately 20 yuan (about 6 km) from Jinan Train Station and approximately 40 yuan (about 16 km) from Jinan West Train Station, respectively. 


If you arrive after 24:00 or have a delay due to air traffic control, weather or any other special causes, please contact the Secretariat.


1.4. The Secretariat will provide free shuttle service from hotels to Jinan Airport, Jinan Train Station and Jinan West Train Station, from 14:00, 29 August to 20:00, 30 August. The routes are as follows:


East Gate, Shunyuan Hotel→South Gate, Shunde Hotel→South Gate, Shungeng Hillview Hotel→Jinan West Train Station


Shandong Hotel (Nanjiao Hotel→Jinan West Train Station


East Gate, Shunyuan Hotel→South Gate, Shunde Hotel→South Gate, Shungeng Hillview Hotel→Jinan Airport


Shandong Hotel (Nanjiao Hotel→Jinan Airport


East Gate, Shunyuan Hotel→South Gate, Shunde Hotel→South Gate, Shungeng Hillview Hotel→Jinan Train Station


Shandong Hotel (Nanjiao Hotel)→Jinan Train Station



 (a) You need to make reservation with the Secretariat at least one day before 29 August.

 (b) The railway station will provide ticket service at Shandong Hotel during the Congress.


2. Accommodation and Transportation to Congress Venues


2.1. Accommodation

You are recommended to live in one of the following five hotels, which are the nearest hotels to the Congress venue. The hotels can be booked by the China Youth Travel Service or by yourself through ICHS2015 official website.


The Hotels are:

Shandong Hotel (where ICHS2015 main venue is located)

Address: 2-1 Ma’anshan Road   Tel: (0531)82958888

Website: http://www.sdhotel.com.cn/


Nanjiao Hotel (where ICHS2015 parallel session is located)

Address: 2 Ma’anshan Road   Tel: (0531)85188888

Website: http://www.jnnjhotel.com/


Shungeng Hillview Hotel

Address: 28 Shungeng Road   Tel: (0531) 82951818

Website: http://www.shungeng.com.cn/


Shunde Hotel

Address: 7 Qianfo Shan South Road   Tel: (0531)82623288


Shunyuan Hotel

 Address: 15 Qianfo Shan West Road   Tel: (0531) 85690999



(a) The electricity supply in China is 220 volts, most sockets in hotels take 15 amp or 10 amp non-grounded plugs, with two or three square pins. You are advised to bring an adapter for your own electrical devices.


(b) All the above hotels have free wired or wireless internet access.


2.2. Transportation from Hotels to Congress Venues

The Secretariat provides free shuttle service from Shungeng Hillview Hotel, Shunde Hotel and Shunyuan Hotel to congress venues. Please show your name badge when you take the shuttle bus. The detailed routes are scheduled:


(a) 23 August, Opening Ceremony

East Gate, Shunyuan Hotel →South Gate, Shunde Hotel→Shandong Hotel

South Gate, Shungeng Hillview Hotel→Shandong Hotel

Departure time14:30, 23 August

Return time21:00 and 21:30


(b) 24-28 August

East Gate, Shunyuan Hotel →South Gate, Shunde Hotel→Shandong Hotel

South Gate, Shungeng Hillview Hotel→Shandong Hotel

Departure time8:00 , every day

Return time21:00 and 21:30, every evening


NOTICE: No Shuttle Service at Noon.


(c) 29 August, Closing Ceremony, 

For Members of General Assembly

Shandong Hotel →Shandong University

Nanjiao Hotel →Shandong University

Shungeng Hillview Hotel →Shandong University

Departure time: 8:00


For Other Participants:

East Gate, Shunyuan Hotel →South Gate, Shunde Hotel→Shandong University

South Gate, Shungeng Hillview Hotel→Shandong University

Nanjiao Hotel →Shandong University

Shandong Hotel →Shandong University

Departure time: 9:30


Return time: 14:30 and 15:00

Riding place: Dining Center, Shandong University (central campus)



3.1. The Secretariat of ICHS will set up its registration desk in Shandong Hotel. Time schedule is as follows:

  10:00-21:00, Friday, 21 August

    08:00-21:00, Saturday, 22 August

   08:00-21:00, Sunday, 23 August

   08:30-17:00, 24-27 August


3.2. The secretariat will use QR code for registration. Please access the congress website and download your QR code in your personal account before your arrival, store it in your mobile phone or print it out, and present it to our staff; or you can show your registration number.


3.3. If you have registered for attendance online but have not paid the registration fee, please pay it on the spot (in RMB cash or credit card).


3.4. After registration, please remember to get your name badge and a package in which there are brochures,  and souvenirs. Also please get your meal coupons for three receptions (see section 4.1).


3.5. For the reimbursement of transportation fees, please hand the receipts to our staff. The payment can only be made in US dollar.


3.6. Please register your information of accommodation and departure. If you need shuttle service to airport or station, please make a reservation of the desk. This service is only available from  14: 00  of 29 August  to 20:00 of 30 August.


4. Dining

4.1. The Congress will host three receptions. Detailed arrangements are as follows:

      Welcoming dinner by the Shandong provincial government, on the evening of 23 August, at Shandong Hotel and Nanjiao Hotel.

      Reception by the Association of Chinese Historians, on the evening of  26 August, at Shandong Hotel.

      Farewell luncheon by Shandong University, at the noon on 29 August, at Qiyuan dining hall, Shandong University (central campus).



      To attend the three receptions above, one meal coupon for each is needed. Three coupons are designated specifically for the three different receptions. Please remember to check out the dining date and location on your coupon.


4.2. Both the Shandong Hotel and Nanjiao Hotel provide buffet lunch and buffet dinner, about USD 10-15,


maybe less. Please enquire the Hotels for charges.


4.3. Qilu Hall of  the Shandong Hotel  and the Business Center on the fourth  floor of  Nanjiao Hotel have Muslim restaurants. Please enquire  the hotels for details.


5. Services and Applications in the Congress Venues

5.1. Projectors are provided in the venues. Please bring your flash drive to the volunteer 30 minutes prior to the start of panel if you have documents to present by projector. 


5.2. English-Chinese simultaneous interpreting will be provided at the opening ceremony and major theme sessions from 24 to 25 August.


5.3. Please dress formally if possible when attending the opening session and welcome dinner, the temperature of Shandong Hall is 22 (71).


5.4. Bottled water is provided in every venue. Tea and coffee will be served outside the venues at 10:15-11:15, and 15:15 -16:15.


5.5. The information centre of the Congress is located on the third floor of Shandong Hotel, equipped with printing machine, computer, telephone and internet. Open from 9:00-17:00 every day.


6. Exhibition and Cultural Activities

6.1. An international and local publishers’ exhibition will be held at Shandong Hotel. Jinan Municipal Government and China Embassy of Poland (which is one of bid countries for the next Congress) will also hold exhibitions of artistic works with local characteristics.


6.2. During the Congress, Shandong Museum, Shandong Cultural Centre, Shandong Art Gallery, Jinan Museum, Zhangqiu Longshan Culture Museum, Shandong University Museumand Chinese Traditional Culture Experience Base in Shandong University will provide a series of exhibitions, such as cultural relics, intangible cultural heritage and art (please find the Guide for Exhibitions during the 22nd ICHS in the conference bag). Participants can register where to visit at the Secretariat. The Secretariat will arrange shuttle service according to the reservation.


7. Tour Service

Regarding tour information and reservation services, please consult with staff at the tour information counter of the registration desk during the congress.

Contact: Li Nan / +86 15210126300        Email: ichs2015pco@126.com


8. Health Insurance and Medical Service

8.1. During the Congress, the Organizing Committee provides emergency medical services for participants. In case of emergency, you may immediately contact volunteers on the spot,  call the secretariat of the Congress, 86 +531(area code) +8162 6530, 8162 6531 and 8162 6532,  or call 120.


8.2. International scholars are recommended to purchase travel insurance before coming to China.


9. Religious Sites and Praying Room

9.1. To respect different religious traditions, the Organizing Committee recommends the following major religious sites in Jinan for guests’ visiting. If you need volunteers to guide you, please make a reservation to the Secretariat.   

        Catholicism: Hongjialou Cathedral, 1 Hongjialou Road, Licheng District 

        Protestantism: Yuzhongli Church, 55 Yuzhongli Road, Huaiyin District

        Islam: Grand South Mosque, 47 Yongchang Street, Shizhong District

Taoism: Shengyang Temple, 4 Shoukang Building, Xigongjie Stree (Luzu Temple)

Buddhism: Xingguo Temple, 11-18 Longitude Road, Lixia District   (inside the scenic area of Thousand Buddha Mountain)


9.2 The Secretariat has especially set up a praying room in Shandong Hotel (Room 802) if you are in need, please make a schedule with the Secretariat.


10. Volunteers

The Congress Volunteers are mainly composed of students from Shandong University. They will be wearing white T-shirts and will kindly give their time to assist you during the Congress.   


11. Other information

11.1. Chinese domestic currency is RMB. Please exchange enough cash before your trip to China. In a majority of shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, you can pay with a credit card. In the Agricultural Bank of China and China Everbright Bank near the Congress venues, you can exchange major currencies, such as US dollar, and so on.


11.2. During the Congress the average temperature in Jinan will be 22-32 (71-90), and it is rainy season, so please bring your umbrella.


11.3. For emergency calls in China 

    Police: 110

    Medical Emergency: 120

    Fire: 119

    Traffic Accidents: 122


12. Special Reminder

Your name badge is a very important certificate during the Congress. Participants are requested to wear it all the time for entry into conference rooms, dining and social activities. In case it is lost, please report to the Secretariat at once and apply for a new one.


13. The Secretariat of the Congress

  Location: the third floor of Conference Center, Shandong Hotel.

 Tel:(05318162 6530, 8162 6531 and 8162 6532 (24 hours)

 Email cish2015@sdu.edu.cn

 The latest news or program changes will be updated on the following Congress websites:

The Official Website: http://www.ichschina2015.org/cms/

Mobile App: m.ichschina2015.org

Micro Blog: http://weibo.com/u/5408079528

WeChat: ICHS2015


       Last but not least, thanks again for your coming! We sincerely wish you the best experience in this Congress and we hope that friendly Shandong will give you a pleasant and beautiful impression!


The Congress Secretariat

Shandong University Organizing Committee

August, 2015