• 1926, the founding of the ICHS(CISH)
  • The 5th Congress,1923,Brussels
  • The 6th Congress,1928, Oslo
  • The 7th Congress,1933,Warsaw
  • The 8th Congress,1938,Zurich
  • The 10th Congress,1955,Rome
  • The 11th Congress,1960,Stockholm
  • The 12th Congress,1965,Vienna
  • The 13th Congress,1970,Moscow
  • The 19th Congress,2000,Oslo,website
  • The 20th Congress,2005, Sydney
  • The 21th Congress,2010,Amsterdam
Time: 2015.8.23-29
Place: Shandong Hotel, Jinan,Shandong
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The Venue of the 22nd International Congress of Historical Sciences (CIHS 2015) at Shandong University

Release by Shandong University on 2 Sept. 2010



In the course of the 21st International Congress of Historical Sciences, which was held in Amsterdam, upon a statement by the general assembly and votes by the board of committee, wherein there were 36 for, 8 against, and 5 abstentions, approval was granted for the 22nd International Congress of Historical Sciences to be held at Shandong University.


The  International Congress of Historical Sciences was formed in 1900, and is held on a 5-year basis, totaling 21 events thus far (exclusions occurred during the World Wars); the number of participating historians in every conference ranged from 1500 to 2000, and is known as a world class event for historians. The 21st Congress held in the Netherlands hosted a total of over 100 participating countries, with nearly 1600 official registered representatives, as well as independent participants, adding up to in excess of 2000 participants.



Translated by Wu Qian;  revised by Xie Yujun