• 1926, the founding of the ICHS(CISH)
  • The 5th Congress,1923,Brussels
  • The 6th Congress,1928, Oslo
  • The 7th Congress,1933,Warsaw
  • The 8th Congress,1938,Zurich
  • The 10th Congress,1955,Rome
  • The 11th Congress,1960,Stockholm
  • The 12th Congress,1965,Vienna
  • The 13th Congress,1970,Moscow
  • The 19th Congress,2000,Oslo,website
  • The 20th Congress,2005, Sydney
  • The 21th Congress,2010,Amsterdam
Time: 2015.8.23-29
Place: Shandong Hotel, Jinan,Shandong
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All Previous Congresses

The International Congress of Historical Science started in 1900. It is held every five years and has already been held 21 times since the original congress. Being the most influential academic activity of historical science, it enjoys a reputation of “Olympics of historians”. The biggest number of participants in former sessions has surpassed 3000; though it is the first time for the congress to be held in Asia, we presume the participants this time more than any of former congresses.

Former congresses are listed below with their host years and cities, and 22nd Congress will be held in Jinan.



  Year Host City
1st Congress 1900 Paris, France
2nd Congress 1903 Rome, Italy
3rd Congress 1908 Berlin, Germany
4th Congress 1913 London, Great Britain
5th Congress
Brussels, Belguim
6th Congress 1928 Oslo, Norway
7th Congress 1933 Warsaw, Poland
8th Congress 1938 Zurich, Switzerland
9th Congress 1950 Paris, France
10th Congress 1955 Rome, Italy
11th Congress 1960 Stockholm, Sweden
12th Congress 1965 Vienna, Austria
13th Congress 1970 Moscow, Soviet Union
14th Congress 1975 San Francisco
15th Congress 1980 Bucharest, Romania
16th Congress 1985 Stuttgart, West Germany
17th Congress 1990 Madrid, Spain
18th Congress 1995 Montreal, Canada
19th Congress 2000 Oslo, Norway
20th Congress 2005 Sidney, Australia
21st Congress 2010 Amsterdam, Netherlands